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We are the only UK manufacturer of Copper Guttering, Stainless Steel Guttering, Natural Zinc Guttering and 'pre-weathered' Quartz Zinc Guttering systems. Our metal rainwater systems have been designed so any competent DIY enthusiast or contractor can install them with no specialist tools required.


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We offer three profiles of gutter in two sizes: Half Round Gutter, Ogee Gutter and Box Gutter. Circular or Square Downpipes are available with all necessary fixings and ancillary items.


Each of our gutter profiles and downpipe styles are manufactured in 2.4 metre lengths for ease of installation and transportation. Bespoke angled corners, segmented radius sections, fascias, soffits, roof ridges and flashings can all be produced to order.

Standard Gutter size guide:


  • Half Round: 125mm x 70mm for the Standard and 185mm x 95mm for the Large

  • Ogee Gutters: 127mm x 98mm for the Standard and 152mm x 130mm for the Large

  • Box Gutters: 90mm x 65mm for the Standard and 120mm x 90mm for the Large

*Please note that due to the production processes used, our Gutter dimensions can alter slightly from those shown above. Bespoke sizes and shapes can be produced where required. All of our guttering materials and components will have signs of working from manufacture and some surface tarnishing may also be visible.


Standard Downpipe size guide:

  • 80mm diameter Round

  • 100mm diameter Round

  • 80mm x 810mm Square

*Each length of Downpipe is swaged at one end so it slides over the one above, unless otherwise stated. Bespoke sizes and shapes can be produced where required.


A naturally beautiful material that looks elegant against virtually any building material.


Supplied in a natural finish our Copper Guttering components will naturally age in a couple of months through various shades of brown eventually forming a verdigris patina.


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Stainless guttering 3.jpg

A hard durable material with a natural unfinished light metallic grey surface gives this gutter an ultra modern appeal.


Our Stainless Steel guttering systems are very hard wearing and virtually maintenance free.



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Our Natural Zinc and pre-weathered Quartz Zinc gutter systems suit a multitude of building fabrics.


Supplied in its natural light silver form, Zinc will age over the coming months darkening to a beautiful graphite grey colour.


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Want to use the best eco-friendly material for your guttering system? Choose Copper.

Copper has the longest recycling history of any material known to civilization. It is estimated that 80 percent of all mined copper during the past 10,000 years is still in use somewhere today. Estimates also reveal that more than 30 percent of today’s world annual copper demand is supplied by recycled copper. - From the 'International Copper Association'

metal gutters, copper guttering, half round gutter, fascia brackets

Our Copper, Stainless Steel and Natural Zinc and Quartz Zinc guttering systems are the most eco-friendly guttering materials available.

Approximately 60% of the material content used in the production of our copper guttering is from recycled copper.

When our Copper and Zinc gutters are exposed to the elements, they protect themselves by developing a patina over time, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion in virtually any atmosphere.

Unlike other metal guttering copper guttering works as a natural biocide purifying the water to stop the build up of algae, making it the perfect partner for your rainwater harvesting system.


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Ridges and Flashings


In addition to our standard Copper guttering product ranges and decorative items we also produce Copper ridges and flashings to help customers add that extra finishing touch and help prevent moss.


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Through our parent company Good Directions we also produce the UK's largest range of copper finials, as well as make bespoke designs to order.


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Our segmented radius gutter sections add that finishing touch to any curved property.


These beautiful eye catching gutters are manufactured by mitre cutting smaller sections of gutter, which are then tig welded or soldered together in lengths up to 2.4m long.


To produce segmented curved guttering we can work directly from 'as built drawings' or from a card or timber template that you've taken directly from the building.


Prices start from only £92 + VAT per meter for radius gutters and £138 + VAT per meter for irregular curves. Please state whether your gutter is a radius or made up of irregular curves at the time of ordering as this will affect the cost and production time required.

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metal gutters, copper guttering, half round gutter, fascia brackets

To add real impact to any garden, our copper rain chains and cups are a must.


Although they are more decorative than functional, most of the water from the outlet will still make it to the ground, but they are best suited for use with planters, water butts, water features and ponds.


The chains and cups are made in 1m lengths but sold in packs to create a 2.5m drop.


On installation the chains and cups will need to be suspended from your gutter, be it copper or not, by simply hanging them from a rod laid within the gutter spanning the outlet. The copper rain chains and cups will also require tethering at the bottom to stop them from swinging around but how this is done will depend on the application.


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In addition to our standard Copper guttering product ranges and decorative items we are able to produce virtually any design in most materials.


Our in-house capabilities include:


  • CAD CAM software including 3d visuals

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Drilling and Punching

  • Folding and Forming

  • CNC and Manual Milling and Turning


We think that we offer the one-stop-shop solution for your creative needs.


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