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Ready to order?

  1. Download the excel price list of your choice
  2. ​Fill in the quantities required
  3. Don't forget to add carriage - £14.50 + VAT for small items - £70 + VAT for large orders with lengths included
  4. Fill in your full address and contact details
  5. Email the completed price list to:
  6. We will raise an order confirmation and email it back to you
  7. Our order confirmation will have an approximate despatch date, we will contact you to confirm despatch date

Once you have received your order confirmation, payment can be made by bank transfer to the bank details at the bottom of the order confirmation. Alternatively we can contact you to take payment by credit or debit card.
  • Don't forget to order rivets (Sold in bags of 100)
    • Approximately 2 per joint of Half Round gutter / running outlet / corner / stop end
    • Approximately 4 per joint of Ogee or Box gutter / running outlet / corner / stop end
  • We supply silicone sealant for sealing joints and stop ends
    • Approximate number of joins a tube will seal
      • Standard Half Round - 32
      • Large Half Round - 20
      • Standard Box and Ogee - 16
      • Large Box and Ogee - 10
    • Required for stop ends too​
    • If you use your own Low Modulus Glazing Sealant we recommend you test it prior to installation
  • Half Round guttering does not require any joints for installing as the guttering has silicone applied, overlapped and riveted
  • Ogee and Box gutters require internal joints for the guttering / running outlets / corners
  • Downpipe connectors are only required if you cut the downpipe and want to use the offcuts

Above you will find prices, fitting instructions and warranty information. If there is any other information you need please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please ensure that you have Microsoft Excel or the viewer app installed on your device, else the file may not show correctly. In particular this issue seems to affect Apple products. 
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