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Why is copper guttering thought of as the most eco-friendly metal gutter material?

Copper has the longest recycling history of any material known to civilization. It is estimated that 80 percent of all mined copper during the past 10,000 years is still in use somewhere today. Estimates also reveal that more than 30 percent of today’s world annual copper demand is supplied by recycled copper. - From the 'International Copper Association'

Zinc gutter

Our Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc guttering systems are the most eco-friendly guttering materials available.

Approximately 60% of the material content used in the production of our copper guttering is from recycled copper.

When our Copper and Zinc gutters are exposed to the elements, they protect themselves by developing a patina over time, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion in virtually any atmosphere.

Unlike other metal guttering copper guttering works as a natural biocide purifying the water to stop the build up of algae, making it the perfect partner for your rainwater harvesting system.

How long is your guttering expected to last?


Copper has been used in Architecture for hundreds of years enabling us to know that our copper guttering should last in excess of 100 years.


Stainless Steel is a fairly new material for guttering systems and architectural roofing. However the anticipated life expectancy of our guttering is in excess of 100 years.


Zinc is todays material of choice for many Architects with a life expectancy of 70 - 100 years.

Can I rest a ladder against your metal guttering?

No. Although our gutter materials are very durable the gauges used are lightweight and could be dented by the pressure of a ladder resting against it.


Do I have to buy special screws for fitting your metal guttering?


No. Whilst we supply appropriate rivets for joining the gutters together stainless steel screws can be used when installing the gutter brackets.

Copper radius guttering
How easy are your metal rainwater systems to install?

Any tradesman or competent DIY enthusiast can install our copper rainwater systems quickly and with the minimum of effort simply using silicone sealant and pop rivets.

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Will your metal gutters stay bright and shiny?

All of our metal gutters will change over time.


Our copper gutters will arrive in its natural shiny state however it will show signs of handling and production. Markings will also occur during installation with finger prints tarnishing the copper. These marks will quickly disappear as the copper begins to mellow as it is now exposed to the elements turning a deep brown colour. Copper can take up to 20 years to develop its green verdigris patina. However if you don't want to wait that long we have a solution that can be applied after installation that changes the copper green within a few hours.

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Stainless Steel, as its name states, stains less than other materials, meaning that when your guttering system is delivered it may have signs of handling and production such as finger prints. Over the course of time the stainless could also show signs of surface tarnishing. After installation the guttering system can be cleaned using baby oil and a soft abrasive pad to remove any markings.


Zinc, like copper, is a naturally healing and self protecting metal. When your gutters are delivered they will be in their naturally shiny state, however there will be signs of handling and production. Some whitening of the surface may occur over the course of the first few months whilst the zinc builds its natural protective grey patina finish. However if you do not wish to wait a couple of years for the full patina to form, pre-patinated components can be made to order.


Do your metal gutters require much maintenance?


Unlike powder coated steel, aluminium and cast iron rainwater systems our copper, stainless steel and zinc gutters will not require any painting, external cleaning and virtually no maintenance.


Our rainwater systems are therefore particularly suited for areas that are difficult or dangerous to access after completion.

How can I cost my project?


Our price lists are available in both PDF and Excel format. These can be filled in and emailed to us for checking where required or discussed over the phone.

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If you would like to send us your 'Bill of Materials' we will happily fill in the price list for you.


Unfortunately we do not carry out site visits or price from drawings, however we can always direct you to someone who can should you require this level of service.

Can I have my gutter order delivered?


Yes! Larger orders are packed on a specially built pallet, sealed in a cardboard box and wrapped with a protective black film. Smaller orders are sent in boxes.


Can I collect my gutter order?

Yes! We will contact you when the goods are ready to collect. Please ensure you come in a suitable vehicle. Our staff will provide you with bubble wrap to protect your vehicle where required.

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