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We are currently only offering our Zinc downpipes and components as standard in 80mm. However 100mm round and 80mm square can be made to order.​
Our downpipes are supplied in 2.4m lengths and are available with a range of components including downpipe clips, bends, shoes and water butt diverters. Downpipe clips are produced in Stainless Steel for strength.
80mm round downpipe, 100mm round downpipe, square downpipe

80mm Round Downpipe

Round downpipe
Round connector
40 bend
72 bend
85 bend
Extendable swan neck one join
Downpipe Clip
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80mm Square Downpipe

Square downpipe
Square connector
72 Bend square
85 Bend square
Extendable swan neck square
Branch square
Shoe square
Clip square
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