We manufacture Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc Ridges and Valleys to suit customers own specifications.


All items are produced as standard in 2.4m lengths and costed based on the girth of the material and how many folds there are. Stop Ends and Corners can also be produced.
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Copper ridges ad flashings

Produced to your requirements in Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc

Roll Top and Angled Ridges

For a low cost, natural way to reduce repetitive and often dangerous roof cleaning, installing copper ridge flashing will help to diminish the growth of moss, algae and lichen build up on the roof.
Even the thinnest layer of moss will act like a sponge, absorbing water and therefore increasing the weight and stress on the roof, shortening its productive life span. Frost can also become a problem pushing tiles up and cracking them.
Once installed our copper ridge flashing will react with the air and rain causing the copper to oxidise, producing a fungicide called copper sulphate, a highly effective moss killer which will last for many years. 
Available in 2.4m lengths this inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution will help extend the life of your roof.


Copper valleys can be manufactured to the style, size and shape required to suit virtually any project.
Copper acts as an algaecide and fungicide, keeping growths such as moss and lichen to a minimum, helping to keep valleys clear and virtually maintenance-free. Also like our gutters it will have a life span of more than 100 years.