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To complement our Natural Zinc Metal Gutter Ranges we produce a wide choice of accessories and decorative Natural Zinc products including, rain chains and hopper heads.​
In addition to our standard Natural Zinc guttering product ranges and decorative items we also produce Natural Zinc ridges and flashings to help customers add that extra finishing touch.
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copper metal gutter, copper rain chain, copper hopper heads, copper adornments
Please note that the product design can be changed at any time and may be slightly different to the images below.

Natural Zinc Hopper Heads

Click on image to see dimensions

Stainless Steel Rain Chains

Rain Chains are not to be used as the main form of water outlet, they are for visual stimulation only, and make a beautiful water feature when used with large planters, water butts and ponds. The individual length of chain shown is for illustration only and more than one length should always be hung from an outlet. Our chains are supplied in 1 metre lengths which can be grouped together to form several strands for a 2.5m drop.
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