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Where possible we produce our Natural Zinc Guttering from VM Zinc coil meaning our guttering systems will match your VM Zinc roofing or cladding as well as most other manufacturers such as Rheinzink.
Each design is available in two different sizes. All our metal gutters are manufactured in 2.4m lengths.​
To compliment our metal gutters we also offer a complete range of gutter components including stop ends, ready made corners, brackets and outlets. Some items such as brackets are made in Stainless Steel for additional strength.

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Half round.jpg
Please note that the product design can be changed at any time and may be slightly different to the images below.

Natural Zinc Half Round Gutter
125mm x 76mm Standard
165mm x 102mm Large

Natural Zinc Ogee Gutter
125mm x 97mm Standard
145mm x 137mm Large

Natural Zinc Box Gutter
80mm x 75mm Standard
115mm x 100mm Large

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