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Naturally Ageing

Left to age naturally copper guttering will start to mellow within weeks, changing through various
shades of brown and bronze until eventually forming a green / blue patina unique to copper.
The time taken for the patina process to start depends on the location of your property, local weather conditions, distance from the sea and other forms of acidic pollution.

Eventually copper will always go green and we recommend that you do not coat the copper to try and keep it bright.
Verdigris Solution

If you don't want to wait years for the patina finish to develop naturally, we can supply a solution that can be applied after installation that will age your copper gutter within a few hours. Once installation is complete we recommend using a spray applicator to apply our verdigris solution to achieve the best, most natural looking results.
Wearing safety glasses, gloves and protective clothing spray the gutter and downpipe with the solution, this will start to work immediately and in approximately 2 hours your copper will have achieved a natural Verdigris patina. For best results apply the solution on a dry day within a week of installation.
Click here to download our Changing Colours of Copper Brochure >
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