Bespoke gutter and decorative items produced by Metal Gutta - THE ONLY UK MANUFACTURER!

Bespoke Fabrications
We offer a complete fabrication service to deliver a wide variety of sheet metal work and fabrication from one-offs to batch work and production runs whether it is architectural, structural or ornamental.
Machined brass and copper
With over 20 years experience in precision engineering we continue to invest in the latest multi-axis CNC machining centres whilst ensuring we do not lose our traditional manual machining skills.
Welding and Soldering
We specialise in the welding and soldering of a variety of metals including stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc. All to our strict ISO9001 standards.


Stainless Steel hopper head
Bespoke copper leaf guards
Copper downpipe
Bespoke copper downpipe trim
Large bespoke copper pipe
Large copper pipe
Copper waterbutt connector
Special half round gutter
Drain cover in copper
Stainless steel gutter with mesh
Bespoke copper downpipe
Copper drain cover
Copper Chimney
Copper leaf guard on gutter
V shaped gutter
Copper flashing
Aged copper guttering
Copper postbox
Bespoke downpipe
Forming copper
Bespoke copper gutter joint
Bespoke flasing being welded


Bespoke Smoke Alarm Cover
Guttering used as ceiling cornice
Copper tray
Bespoke Smoke Alarm Cover
Brass antique railings
Copper final
Bespoke copper Falcon weathervane
Copper antique railings
Water jug for whiskey in copper
Copper finials with capping
Ogee gutter used as ceiling cornice
Copper finials
Finial base
Finial being welded
Copper tube
Copper finial
Finial being welded
Copper finial for tree house
Engrave copper water jug stand
Brass fixings
Copper postbox
Brass machined components
Copper finial
Motor bike tank
Motor bike with copper components
Copper and brass finials
Machined spout
Copper urinal
Copper finial for tree house
Copper spouts
Bespoke copper weathervane
Falcon head for weathervane
Zinc canopy
Water jug components
Finial components
Finial base
Motorbike components
Finial being welded
Water spout
Bespoke copper urinal
Falcon weathervane
Zinc canopy
Copper spouts